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Death Penalty Research Paper Outline

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❶Write out your full thesis and topic sentences; other support can be abbreviated. That is until I had the misfortune of seeing one of the best known shipping companies use unleaded petrol for their vehicles in a

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Since the state has the right to kill, having the death penalty reinforces the perpetrator in that it says it is o. To even approach the number of people to be sentenced to death, to reach the deterrent effect, is unimaginable. Hundreds of thousands, in my opinion, would have to be put to death to reach the deterrent goal.

So those juries that are commanded to use the death penalty have often acquitted, due to beliefs, or charged the perpetrator with a lesser offense Isenberg Even though hundreds of thousands go to trial for murder, juries are reluctant to convict. So our system clearly does not even give room for the deterrent effect, which would be hundreds of thousands put to death, to affect the way perpetrators would think before killing.

States in the United States that do not use the death penalty usually have lower murder rates than states that do Internet. For example, between and , the average murder rate among seven abolitionist states ranged from a high of 1. A closer look shows that murder rates play a contributing role in death penalty arguments across the United States Galliher An example is, between and , the states of West Virginia not yet an abolitionist state and Michigan had relatively higher murder rates of 5.

Therefore, reinforcing the fact that the brutalization effect is right. Maybe since we are in the television revolution, we should televise it more than the little it is today. There are those that are pro-death penalty advocates. They believe that the death penalty serves as a deterrent. They believe others will see that the offender is getting executed for their heinous crime, and this will deter them from ever committing such an act.

They feel that not only is the person who is executed unable to commit another murder, but other potential killers may also be dissuaded from killing Silverman One scientist concluded that every additional execution prevents about seven or eight people from committing murder Bender It mainly deters rational calm everyday citizens. Not those who act on emotion or the heat of the moment. One could argue that there are far more rational civilized people in this country than there are emotionally disturbed people.

The death penalty works because it instills psychological resistance to the act of murder, not because it offers a rational argument against committing the act at the time that the decision to murder is made Bender So every day citizens have instilled into their heads that it is bad to murder someone.

But murders still occur on occasions when people are in an irrational state of mind. Even though a person may be rational one day they could become irrational on another day. The irrational people are mainly at the hands of alcohol and drugs, but there are occasions where unusual circumstances exist. For example, a husband catching his wife in the act of adultery could drive him mentally into a rage and into a very irrational state of mind, which could ultimately lead to murder.

But there are also those people who are just straight up mentally disturbed that kill for no reason at all. But for the most part most Americans are rational people who are able to properly control themselves, because of proper patience and problem solving learned through schooling.

Most Americans have goals to look forward to in life also. So the death penalty is a deterrent for the most part of society. Therefore the greater the punishment, the fewer people will behave in the irrational state of mind, because of the fact that the vast majority of Americans are most of the time drug free. So the punishment of death deters their rational minds from the act of committing murder, because I would like to believe most Americans are rational, free thinking people.

Another reason pro-death penalty advocates give for their belief is that it serves as retribution, or an eye for an eye. These are the two main types of retribution: An eye for an eye relies on what people deserve for their crime, which determines what kind of punishment they will receive Nathanson Or in other words we should treat people the way they have treated others. To tell you the truth, I always make outlines last. Even when professors have required an outline first, I simply wrote the paper and then made an outline based on the completed paper.

That means you cannot plan the paper until after you have done the research. Read an article about capital punishment, and write 2 paragraphs about it.

Then, repeat that process for 5 or 10 more articles. You will end up with several pages. Reread the pages, and compare the to one another, scrutinizing them, and coming up with conclusions. When you have worked with all this material, decide what is the most important insight you got from the whole experience; make that your thesis statement, and the beginning!

Then, reflect on that same statement at the end, in the conclusion! Suddenly, you have a whole paper. Make an outline based on the paper. It is tough, because you have to write the whole paper or at least a draft before writing the outline, but it is a heck of a lot easier than trying to make an outline for a paper that does not yet exist. The idea is to have your research change your thinking, so why plan the end result before doing the research?

As for citations, place them after every piece of info that you take from the sources. What citation style are you using? So do you mean that if the teacher never requested an outline you would have no use at all for making one? Isn't the point of an outline to plan out your paper before you start working so that you don't wander off track.

If you, however, write the paper first then what is the use of writing an outline to help write a paper that is already written? I could never envision myself using an outline. The way I write, ideas formulate as I go along and sometimes I end up with a completely different approach than what I had anticipated.

My "outline", or the major points in my essay, don't become clear until I can write freely, with reason, and without any constricting script that I have to adhere to. Understandably though, for major papers you want to have at least SOME idea of what you will be writing about. But even in a long paper, I would not premeditate for too long. Just say I want to write about this. Form an opinion, start writing, and soon ideas and topics for paragraphs will pop up in your head.

It probably has to do with how you think. Some people can detach themselves from their writing, but others like myself have to be in the moment.

If you use more than one point for the pros, use the same amount for the cons. The two sides need to be fairly represented. The best way to support your side of things without outright saying what you believe you can conclude on your note. People will always remember your thesis and your conclusion, so end with your stance, but do not introduce any new information in the conclusion.

This should solidify all the points you have made and leave the reader with a good understanding of what your paper was about. When writing about any controversial topic you should try to stick to the facts and keep things fair on both sides. This type of outline will work with any topic that may be a bit touchy to present, but it is especially good for writing about the death penalty. Writing about such topics can be difficult to do, but if you follow a basic outline you can write a decent paper about the death penalty without having to get too opinionated.

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Death Penalty Outline Essay Sample

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Example Opening Claims for Death Penalty. Certain crimes require a o-strong="er punishment for deterrence and capital punishment is the ultimate deterrent. You cannot rehabilitate some people and these people should be put to death. Example Opening Claims Against Death Penalty. The death penalty does not allow for rehabilitation or .

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Death Penalty Research Paper Outline. The death penalty is a subject that can make many people uncomfortable, and others raging mad. If you are assigned to write a paper about the death penalty, check out this outline to .

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Structure for death penalty research paper does not differ from other essay and research paper types. Traditionally, it starts with an introduction and thesis statement if necessary. Traditionally, it starts with an introduction and thesis statement if necessary. "Outline For Death Penalty" Essays and Research Papers Outline For Death Penalty Understanding the Death Penalty General Purpose: My general purpose is to give the .

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