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Ebay/ customer service phone number?

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❶You can test out of the first two years of college and save thousands off your degree. They said I should talk to the person who has the bank account, but given that I am paying them a fee to use their service I shouldn't have to.

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However, the last time I sent my books to them I never received the payment for my books. I emailed them repeatedly and have gotten nowhere, as they just give me the run-around telling me the money is on the way which it never is. It has been almost three months since I sent them the textbooks, plenty of time for them to send me my payment. Not only this, but I also lost more money on these books as I bought them specifically because I knew I could resell them and make a decent profit from the sale.

Now not only will I never sell my books to them, but I will never buy another item from them either. I highly recommend anyone to not send your used books to this place. They may pay you at first, but then they will wait until you send them a large selection and not pay you for it.

I have lost money before when I shipped my books to Powell books, but I didn't think Half. I considered them a good company, but I should have known better because eBay only cares about making money, not their customers.

I have been buying virtually ninety five percent of my graduate books here, and it has been very congenial so far. Of course one would expect the infrequent hiccups like the books are not as described.

When that transpired, I asked the book seller if the erroneous version had been sent for example, a book that is only of an "acceptable" condition charged for the one I bought at "Very Good". And I got my mazuma back.

Everything was done professionally. There are so many book sellers and you have a high chance of getting what you optate. Another good thing about this website is you can pre-order the book s you require by verbalizing the price you are disposed to pay. Once it is available, you will be apprised. On the down side it takes forever to receive your book. I purchased a book and It has surmounted 3 weeks yet still my books have not arrived.

I called customer accommodation and the representative assuredly authoritatively mandated me to wait it out. I have both shopped and sold items on half. It is affiliated with ebay but they only sell media such as books, movies, television shows, music.

You can find a lot of text books on the site which is usually what I am buying or selling. It is pretty regulated, or maybe safeguarded, in as much as I feel safe buying and selling on it. You can also rent items from the site. They do hold your money if you sell something until the beginning of the following month. So if you want to be paid instantly when you sell probably not the site for you.

I have never had any issues with anything that I have bought off of this site. This site is similar to ebay in as much as you are actually buying from other people or companies and half. If you are selling an item and are unsure of pricing, the site actually shows you what that items sold for last which is a great help in figuring out what you want to sell yours for.

If you are looking for some rare books or movies you may have luck on this site but since Ebay has taken over, most sales favor the buyer and not the seller if a problem arises. There used to be more categories of items before the merger and now it's mostly books, movies, video games and CD's.

Easier to just use Ebay. Let the Buyer Beware! I have scored a couple of deals on a couple of movies I was in search of but didn't find a deal on the video games I was seeking. Disappointed but I did find on ebay. The seller didn't have the book and half.

Turns out my refund is on hold at Paypal because I paid via the checking account associated with my Paypal account and the banks take time to process each transaction. The money has been paid not pending from my checking account but all total it will take about a week for the money to be returned into my bank account. Legal title to purchased product transfers to the buyer at point of shipment. Custom shoe orders are not eligible for shipment to a P. Custom orders are not eligible for expedited delivery.

Do you ship to P. Boxes or APO addresses? Orders being shipped to P. Please note, Custom products and express shipping are not available to these locations. How much does shipping and handling cost? Our shipping and handling charges are based on the number of items in the order. What days do you offer delivery? Orders shipped by 3 Day, 2 Day, or Overnight deliver on business days only Monday through Friday , excluding holidays.

What do I need to pick up my order from the selected store? Copy of the receipt email or paper are fine show less. When can I pick up my order from a store? You will receive an email when your order is "Ready for Pickup. For example, if you receive the pickup email on Tuesday, you have until the end of day on Wednesday, before your order is canceled.

When will I be charged for my order if I pickup in store? You may call your card-issuing bank if you have further questions. Where do I go, in the store, to pick up my order?

Let any sales associate know you are there to pick up your order. Can I have someone else pick up my order? Yes, but you must add their name during the ordering process: Can I change my pickup location after I placed my order? Sorry, but you can't change your pickup store. You must pick up your order at the Vans store you originally selected. How long until I get my Custom products? Please review the shipping page during checkout for any holiday time frame updates.

What are the terms and conditions for image use on Custom shoes? Do not submit logos, photography, art or others images of celebrities. Your image cannot exceed 10mb, should have a minimum size of x, and should be a jpg and png. Review the Full Terms and Conditions.

What is the return policy for Custom products? Please call customer service for custom returns at Are there more Custom options than currently listed? Custom shoes can only be created in the colors, patterns, styles, and fabrics that are currently listed on the Custom shoe section of our website.

Colorways, fabrics and design options are continuously updated. How are your shoes sized? Our shoes are sized according to the US standard, as measured on a Brannock device that cold metal thing that you used to stick your foot in when you were growing up.

There is a good chance that you know your shoe size. Please note, by design, our high performance skate shoes tend to fit snug so you may want to select a half size larger. How do I clean my Vans shoes? Let's keep you and your kicks looking fresh. Check out our cleaning products by searching "shoe care" in the search box at the top of your page. Where can I purchase replacement laces for Vans? Check out our online options by searching "laces" in the search box at the top of your page.

What's the size conversion between women's and men's shoes? The size conversion from women's to men's shoes is 1. For example, if you were a size 8 in women's, you'd be a size 6. If you fall below 6. Remember, our boys' sizes start from 3. In what widths are Vans available? We only manufacture medium width shoes.

However, you may purchase a shoe that is one size larger to compensate for the width. Why do prices vary so greatly on one style? How to create a secure password? For your safety, we require passwords to contain: Following these guidelines makes it difficult for someone to guess your password.

If someone does obtain your password for one account, this will prevent them from accessing your other accounts. She's away at school so it won't match. It is unacceptable that we cannot contact anyone about an order that was placed on June 14th and shipped on June 15th. We have only seen the amount taken out of the checking account but not tracking information and no book.

I tried to register with you and then decided to just give away what I wanted to buy. Have an idea for Half. Submit, rate and comment on Half.

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