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Elephant Essay

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❶A very well known wild as well as a semi-domestic huge animal is elephant.

The Elephant Essay in English

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Long and Short Essay on Elephant in English
Short Essay on Elephant

They are very faithful and intelligent. We have provided the essay on an elephant for school students. You can choose any one essay or paragraph according to your need or requirement.

An elephant is the biggest animal on the earth. The colour of its skin is black. It lives in the dense forest. It also has a long trunk from head to the ground.

It is found in the forest of Africa, India and Burma. An angry elephant is very dangerous. In the past, it is used in the war or battle-field. It is a strong and intelligent animal. It is also useful even after its death. The elephant is the largest land animal on the earth.

Its legs are like pillars, and its ears are like fans. It has a huge head with two very small eyes. It has a pair of white tusks. It loves to eat branches of trees, bamboo, leaves and fruits. It is a pure vegetarian animal. The wild elephants are always very dangerous.

But the pet elephants do many useful works. They can carry heavy loads. A pet elephant is kept in a zoo or circus. It shows tricks in the circus. They are very talented and faithful. Many valuable things are made out of its tusks. The elephant is the biggest living animal on the land. It looks dark grey and ugly also. It has four pillar-like legs, two very big ears, two small eyes, a small tail, two tusks and a long trunk.

The trunk of the elephant is like the hand of man. It uses its trunk as a hand for eating and working. Its eyes are small. The male elephant has two long teeth called tusks.

It is generally dark in colour. The elephant eats grass, leaves and stem of banana trees or small soft plants, grass, nuts, fruits, etc. It lives for about one hundred and twenty years. It is generally found in thick jungles of Assam, Tripura, Mysore, etc. Some of the elephants are seen to be white in colour in Burma. The elephant is an intelligent animal.

It is trained and used in war, hunting, circus, zoo and also as a transporter of men and goods. It is also used in the woods for pulling heavy logs of timber from one place to another by its strength of the tusk. Children enjoy elephant ride also.

The camel is a large animal.

Essay on Elephant

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Elephant is a largest herbivorous animal on the earth. It lives in the forest and famous for its long trunk, large ear and big body. Long and Short Essay on Elephant in English.

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Elephant Essay in English. Simple essay on Elephant in english for kids. School essay on Elephant in English. Short Paragraph on Elephant. Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles On September 24, By Pooja Mishra. Elephant is on the biggest land animal found on earth. It is a wild animal but after giving training it, becomes a useful animal for man. It is a huge animal and its colour is grey.

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Essay on Elephants - The Essay includes the history and characteristics of elephant and it lifestyle, food habits and few more. The elephant is a very huge animal. It is ugly also. It walks majestically. Its body is very heavy. It is called a royal animal. Related Articles: A short story on Elephants for kids.