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Patriot Act Research Paper

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❶It is argued by the opponents of the act that it delays issuance of search warrants notifications so law enforcement agencies may delay giving appropriate notice for conducting a search. The Patriot Act is a law whose goals include strengthening domestic security and broadening the powers of law-enforcement agencies with regards to stopping terrorists.

Why Privacy and Liberty Shouldn’t be Tampered With

Significance of Patriot Act
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The war on terrorism is in full swing, and without proper legislation Americans could be in severe danger of future attacks. The Patriot Act is one of the most significant tools Congress has given to law enforcement to combat the people that want to kill Americans on U.

If one is suspected of plotting or carrying out an act of terrorism, the Government is allowed to go through their records and search phone, email, and other communications without a probable cause. The Patriot act is a deterrent for terrorists; if a person knows what the act entails, they are less likely to plan or be involved in any act of terrorism.

Take, for example, the Lackawanna Six plot that was foiled in Thanks to certain provisions of the Patriot Act, drug and counter-terrorism investigators were able to share information, a practice that would not have occurred before the law was passed in Next, many argue that the Patriot Act is a vital weapon and simply extends the Governments powers that have been in place for decades.

The Patriot Act allows the same thing in terrorism investigations Abramson. The Patriot Act lets counterterrorism agents get hold of the same documents Posner. Congress fixed that problem with the Patriot Act. The Patriot act is a safeguard for the public from future terrorist acts, but this safety comes at an expense. On one hand the Patriot Act benefits Americans, but on the other it brings about significant problems, like the abuse of the Governments power.

From the beginning, Democratic and Republican critics of the Patriot Act warned that its extraordinary surveillance powers would be used to investigate political dissent or low-level offenses rather than terrorism. Studies have proven that Americans feel as if the Patriot Act allows the Government to spy on them rather than use the provisions of the act in a lawful manner http: Since when do we allow the government to violate our right of guarded protection from unreasonable search?

Sixteen year old Ashton Lundeby speaks of his story during an interview with WRAL and how insulted he and his mother were after the government searched his home for suspecting a bomb threat http: Next, it is important to consider how the Patriot Act has affected people of different cultures. Consider the experiences of many Muslim students.

Once an avenue to extracurricular activities, Muslim student organizations are now widely shunned. The few students who remain active members say they are often reluctant to debate international political issues, or to question university policy lest they draw the attention of government authorities.

Fear of government surveillance under the Patriot Act has scared off many international students who want to study in the U. This loss of foreign talent has diluted the richness of campus diversity for all students, inhibited academic collaboration and deprived America of a traditional means of fostering better international relations through the presence of foreign students on its college campuses.

A friend of mine and her family are Arabic and practice the religious views of Muslims. The effects of the Patriot Act go way beyond just the Government. The Patriot Act needlessly jeopardizes our fundamental constitutional values, including freedom of speech, association and religion, privacy and due process. For example, cops cannot search a person suspected of murder without having something to link them to the crime, so why should this precedent not be upheld in crimes of terrorism?

Terrorism is a crime just like murder, rape, fraud, robbery, and so many others; The Patriot Act should uphold the practices of America since the Colonial days.

For example, accusing passengers on a plane for their dark skin contradicts American civil liberties http: Everything starts at a beginning and continues to progress. If citizens are being discriminated against and taken their rights taken away by the Government, what will happen to the nation in the next ten years?

How can America have the audacity to call itself a free country? In conclusion, the controversy over the Patriot Act should come to an end.

The simple truth is that the Patriot Act is in need of revision. To get rid of the act completely would be devastating in fighting the war against terrorism. To keep the Patriot Act without any revisions at all would be complete tyranny.

America has to find the balance between freedom and safety without one overpowering the other. Revising the Patriot Act is essential in ensuring the protection of all citizens, without hindering his or her rights in any way, shape, or form.

Political Cartoon This political cartoon exhibits how people feel the Patriot Act allows the Government to spy on them. The Patriot Act is a tool for defending our fundamental rights and freedoms from and enemy who will show no mercy. Terrorists are embedded throughout America. They are webbed into the deepest sectors of this country and we must do whatever necessary to not let them get any further in tearing us down. By establishing these bills, we will save this nation from another September 11th.

If we fail to act upon our threats, we will be no different from other oppressed nations. Failing to take strong measures to defend our nation against future attacks would amount to suicide. Patriot Act is an important part of the nation's efforts to fight back to defend freedom and liberty. The ACLU has also influenced Congress to limit the sharing of information obtained through wire-tapping. The Act has removed major barriers between communications of law enforcement, intelligence and national defense communities from talking and coordinating their work, to protecting the American people and national security.

Senator John Edwards D-NC said about the Patriot Act, "We cannot prevail in the battle against terrorism if the right hand of our government has no idea what the left hand is doing. Palestinian Islamic Jihad is responsible for the murder of over innocent people including a young American, Alisa Flatow, who was killed in a tragic bus bombing incident in the Gaza strip.

The Patriot Act assisted by enabling the full sharing of information and advice about the case among prosecutors and investigators. Such sharing of information leads to concrete detail. One section of the government may have not had enough substantial evidence to evict this murderer by itself.

This gives the government a long enough leash that allows them to have a stronger hold on cases such as these. It targets individuals and groups based on their advocacy and association rather than based on legitimate law-enforcement concerns.

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The Patriot Act was created with the noble intention of finding and prosecuting international terrorists operating on American soil; however, the unfortunate consequences of the Act have been drastic.

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Body of the Paper The US Patriot Act. The patriot act was overwhelmingly passed by the US senate on October 25, by 98 to 1, a vote that actually showed how much the amendments on the national security bill were inevitable. The act has been in place for .

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Patriot Act On September 11, , al Qaeda terrorists, wielding box cutters, skyjacked and then crashed jets into the World Trade Center and Pentagon. Exactly 45 days later, on October 26, , President George W. Bush signed Public Law – Description: A research paper on the Patriot Act written in examining what it means for liberty and security in the US.

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The USA Patriot Act of Research Papers evaluate the events of September 11 , and the act that came into play shortly after which changed immigration laws among others. Research papers on the USA Patriot Act of can focus on any aspect of the Act. Transcript of The Patriot Act Research Paper The Patriot Act Research Paper By: Lauren Armstrong, Rana Barakat, Nick Kirkland, and Michael Fulton Introduction Body Our Thesis While the Patriot Act does protect against terrorism, it hinders one's inalienable rights and is gravely in need of revision.