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Referencing and bibliographies

Why reference?

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Advantages of Specifying References When Writing an Essay
How to Cite
Ways to Incorporate References in an Essay

It is important to know which style format is required as this affects the way in which you will create in-text citations and reference page entries. Either way, you will be including enough information via your references, so that the reader can find your original source to validate your claim or conduct further research.

As you gather references, it is important to use reliable sources that directly back up your main point. For example, if you were writing a research paper on the benefits of school uniforms, you might look for statistics that discus how uniforms affect crime and peer pressure in schools.

You might also search for professionals who have strong opinions on the matter and quote them in your paper. As you gather your references, keep detailed notes on the sources so that you can get back to them if you need to. Once you have adequate summaries of your research and quotes from professionals, you can begin to use them in your essay. Place research in the paragraphs where it directly supports the point you are trying to make.

Any outside information used must be referenced in the essay via an in-text citation or footnote. For example with an APA-formatted essay, your parenthetical citation will include the last name of the author and year of publication.

Every essay that uses research and outside information must also include a reference page where the sources are listed. The reference page is a separate page that comes at the end of the essay and lists your sources in alphabetical order by last name of the author.

Detailed information is important, including date, type of publication, volume and issue number and publisher information. Cite a personal interview. Lastname, firstname of interviewee. Cite a published interview. Interview with Name of Interviewer. Publication or program year: Interview with Jan Davis. Good Night John Cite a personal message. Lastname, firstname of sender. Create a Works Cited or Bibliography. You should know that Chicago style uses footnotes and endnotes. Creating a works cited is optional- refer to your specific instructions to see if you need a works cited or bibliography.

All of the entries in your works cited or bibliography should be listed in alphabetical order according to the first piece of information given in the reference. Cite books with one author. Publisher, Year of publication. Cite books with two authors. Lastname, First name and Lastname, Firstname. Hu, Carol and Shier, Marie. List sources with no known author. List a web page with an author.

List a web page without an author. List a published Interview. Lastname, firstname of interviewee, place where interview was held, by Interviewers firstname and lastname, date. Know when to list references. You should only list references if the company or program you are applying to specifically asks for them. References are people that a company you are applying to will contact to find out about your work ethic, personality, etc. You should choose people that you know will give you a positive review, such as professors who taught classes you did well in, or bosses who thought you were an excellent worker.

List your references on a separate page from any other information you may be turning in with your application such as a resume, cover letter, etc. Only do this if the company you are applying to specifically asks that you provide references. If you are applying for housing such as when you wish to rent an apartment , you will most likely have to provide references with your housing application.

You should not mention references unless you are asked to do so by the company or program you are applying to. Create a heading at the top of your reference list.

Write your name in a bold, clear font. Beneath your name, write your address, phone number, and primary email these things should be written in a smaller font than your name. If you choose, you can format your header so that your contact information is aligned in the opposite corner. To separate the content of your list from your header, you can add a line below your name.

Add a title under your header. The title should be the same size and font as your name. The title should be clear and to the point. List your references with their information.

There is not a specific order in which you list your references--you could choose to alphabetize their names, or list them in order of how well each person knows you. Below their names, write their relationship to you ie.

Boss and the company or program that you both worked for. If your reference no longer works for that company, do not list the company address. This is where you write their phone numbers, emails, etc. List the rest of your references by following the format detailed above. If you are listing many references that fall under specific categories such as professors vs.

When creating a Chicago style footnote, what is the correct way to indent the citation?

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Reference Page. Every essay that uses research and outside information must also include a reference page where the sources are listed. The reference page is a separate page that comes at the end of the essay and lists your sources in alphabetical order by last name of the author.

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The essay reference at the end of a publication is a list of books and other literary sources, sections of which the writer indicated as quoted or paraphrased in his essay. The inclusion of other authoritative sources as reference is generally required for formal essays to enhance the credibility of the writer.

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The incorporation of references in your essay will depend on the format that you will use. Though APA format is commonly followed in most reference essays, there are still a lot of ways on how you can include your sources in your writing. The APA Reference Generator below will automatically create and format your citations in the APA Referencing style. Simply enter the details of the source you wish to cite and the generator will do the hard work for you, no registration is required! To start referencing select the type of source you.

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Writing an essay is an unavoidable task for any high school or college student. While researching, notating and composing an essay may seem like a daunting prospect, there are simple steps one can. A reference to a paper or article within an edited book should in addition include: the editor and the title of the book; the first and last page numbers of the article or paper.