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How to Write a Negative Debate Speech

What Is the General Format When Conducting a Debate?

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Writing the Debate Speech
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Constructing a speech

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There is more to a debate speech than the mere delivery of arguments and rebuttals. No doubt these two elements form the backbone of a debate speech. However, the following elements are crucial in making a speech interesting, memorable and easy to follow for the judges.

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How to Create a Debate Speech A debate is a formal, friendly competition between two people or two teams that take opposing sides on an issue -- a proposition side that is in favor of adopting a resolution and an opposition side that refutes the resolution. Writing A Debate Speech Structure Usually six paragraphs Introduction Point One Refuting Point or Points Made By Opposition Point Two Point Three Conclusion. Introduction ‘Good evening chairperson, distinguished guests, fellow speakers.

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First Affirmative Speaker Template 1 INTRODUCTION 1. Good afternoon Mr/Madam (During the debate write on a rebuttal card what your opposition’s third speaker has said if that is Speech Structure Templates Author: Debating SA Incorporated. Writing the Debate Speech 1. Write an introduction that is catchy and interesting. Who does not love a good and catchy introduction? But for these kinds of situations, it is best to stay mindful as the whole point of this debate lies in the formality sense which is something to be taken seriously.