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Essay, term paper, research paper: Racism and Discrimination
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It is obvious that most of people simply got used to such treatment and only hoped that somebody will help them, but Parks was different. She protested actively and acted openly; demonstrated that she was against of such kind of society and struck for the rights for all Afro-Americans. She is known for cooperation with the world famous Martin Luther King, another striker for civil rights. They worked in the dangerous period when such thoughts could cost a life.

A well-planned research paper should present the biography of the famous woman and analyze the importance of her activity for the society. One must not dwell on simple presentation of the facts and events of her life, but make a profound analysis of the impact of her life on the freedom movement. A paper should include brief presentation of the historical period and political situation of the country, express its problems, failure and success. All in all one has to combine the period and the person, because human actions depend on the environment she lives in.

Students who write a research paper on Rosa Parks need to spend much time to study her life profoundly and to understand the difficulties and problems she had to cope with.

The most common way out of young people who have problems with paper writing is to read free samples of research papers on Rosa Park in the Internet. In order to write a successful research paper one has to read much about the topic. When the driver noticed the man standing, he told her to get up. Rosa told him she was not moving from the seat and he threatened to have her arrested. She said that he may do that and he did. Two policemen came on the bus and placed her under arrest.

The public responded to her arrest as soon as it was announced. It was put in the paper and Mr. Nixon, who was the legal redress chairman of the Montgomery branch of the NAACP, made phone calls to a number of ministers. There was a public meeting at Dexter Avenue Baptist church, where Dr.

Martin Luther King, Jr. He seemed to be a genuine and very concerned person, who she thought was a real, true Christian Brinkley Rosa's trial was on December 5th and the court found her guilty. The Montgomery Improvement Association called for a boycott of the city owned bus company.

It urged people to walk or ride with people in cars rather than take public transportation which was primarily the bus. Many people heard about the Rosa Parks event and a large number of people participated in not riding the bus. During the boycott Rosa went to many different city meeting urging people to participate in the boycott.

She told people all about her incident on the bus and encouraged people join her in boycott. Rosa was determined to put a stop to the racist system which some Americans had accepted.

The boycott lasted and captured the nations' attention. The Supreme Court eventually struck down the Montgomery ordinance under which Rosa Parks was fined, and outlawed racial segregation on public transportation Smithsonian 1. However, Rosa and her husband Raymond both lost their jobs and suffered repeated harassment and threats in July of The last hateful message which they received, pushed Raymond Parks into a near suicidal despair, that scared Rosa more than the death threat itself. After the death of her husband, she founded the Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute for self development.

This institute sponsors an annual summer program for teenagers called Capital Pathways to Capital Freedom. In this program young people tour the country in busses, under adult supervision and learn the history of their country and the Civil Rights Movement. This institute provides scholarships and guidance for young blacks Encarta 2. Rosa Parks became known as the Mother of the Civil Rights Movement and her life has impacted the world tremendously. Her actions have helped us believe in ourselves and our faith in God, showing us that we can overcome any difficult obstacle that we may face.

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At HotEssays you can find useful writing guidelines on how to write good essays making your academic writing successful, effective and interesting. Step-by-step essay writing tips will facilitate your perception of our articles. The next candidate was Loise Smith, but she gave in too easily. They finally selected Parks as their candidate. Even though Parks was a candidate to boycott the buses, her actual boycott was not planned, it just happened Landden and Bowen.

As Rosa Parks said herself, "A person should not take a stand to make history. Taking a stand for what is right is most important" The Montgomery Bus Boycott. On Thursday, December 1, , Parks' beliefs were shown to all. That evening, Parks boarded a crowded bus on her way home from work and took a seat in the colored section. At one of the following stops, some white men boarded the bus and were unable to find seats in the 'White Only' section.

The bus driver then ordered that she and three other black citizens give their seats up to the white men. The bus driver then asked her if she was going to move and she replied saying no. He then said that he was going to have to call the police, and Parks said that it was fine. She was not going to give up her seat Landden and Bowen. The police came and Parks was arrested and escorted from the bus. Her trial was set for the following Monday www. At the time, Parks was not scared, and did not really think of the possible punishments.

She did know that she could be lynched, man-handled, or beaten by the police, but she felt that what she was doing was right and she stood up for what she believed Parks.

Parks has said to have been, " They handed out handbills to students to take to their parents, asked pastors to mention it in sermon, and even got cab drivers to charge 10 cents instead of the regular 45 cents.

The handbill said, "Another Negro woman has been arrested and thrown into jail because she refused to get up out of her seat and give it to a white person This has to be stopped" Landden and Bowen. It also stated that they wanted all blacks to stay off of the buses and to either catch a taxi or walk to work.

This boycott was to start on the Monday. It was created because the NAACP had a bad reputation with the whites and a new organization meant that there was no reputation.

He was chosen because, " That day, Parks did not go to work, but to the courthouse to await her trial. Parks' defense attorneys wanted to make sure that they would lose their case so they could go to higher court. Laws were only changed in a higher court. Her court was thrown out of court because of a technicality and her conviction was upheld. A suit was then filed by Fred Gray that stated that segregation laws were unconstitutional and was filed on behalf of two women who had been arrested.

In November of , the Supreme Court ruled that the segregation in Montgomery were unconstitutional. King had told the news in a mass meeting, but wanted the boycott to continue until the court had sent the papers. On December 20th the official news arrived and on the 21st Dr. King and others rode the un-segregated buses for the first time.

Parks was not with them because she stayed home that day, but reporters found where she lived and made her get on and off buses for pictures.

After Parks refused to give up her seat, there were many rumors that she did not do so because she was physically tired. This is not true, she was tired of giving in, and tired of being treated as though she was less important than someone else. Another story that had started was that Parks' refusal was planned.

This is not true either, Parks even said herself, "I did not get on the bus to get arrested; I got on the bus to go home" This was an impulse action Landden and Bowen. The MIA helped change the laws of segregation in Montgomery and it is said it did so because it had no reputation.

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Parks also received the Congressional Gold Medal in and then in Parks traveled to Montgomery for the opening of the Rosa Parks Library and Museum. Now, there is an award that is in her name that is presented by the Christian Leadership Conference.

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We can write a Custom Research Paper on Rosa Parks for you! A well-planned research paper should present the biography of the famous woman and analyze the importance of her activity for the society. One must not dwell on simple presentation of the facts and events of her life, but make a profound analysis of the impact of her life on the freedom movement.

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Rosa Parks Research Papers Rosa Parks research papers discuss this key figure in the civil rights movement. This is a Rosa Parks suggestion on Rosa Parks from Paper Masters. Use this Rosa Parks or order a custom essay, written exactly how you need it to be. - Rosa Parks The woman who earned the title "Mother of the Civil Rights Movement", Rosa Louise Parks is a n enormous inspiration to the African American race (Girl Power Guests 1). Rosa was born in .

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Arts and humanities research paper redistribution des revenue dissertation defense an essay about tv an essay about tv. Viens m essayer zouk love youtube annotated bibliography of selected momentum research papers time for homework grown ups review. Research proposal and research paper difference comparative essay hinduism and buddhism beliefs interpretieren karikatur beispiel essay. Research Paper: Rosa Parks Words Jun 30th, 5 Pages The Mother of the Civil Rights Movement Rosa Parks is one of the most famous people in the history of the American Civil Rights movement, for her refusal to “move to the back of the bus” on December 1,