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Composing A Research Paper On Stress Management Among Students

❶A perfect research paper should explain the reasons, periods and terms of stress, why it occurs, present its impacts on the body and mind and include effective methods which can help everybody cope with stress. Hardiness is associated with stress resistance.

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They do not sell anything or contain advertisements. These publications contain research studies that have been scrutinized by the scientific community for accuracy and content. Choose articles on a topic that interests you.

DO NOT just use the first articles you find. Read the article carefully and gather information needed for your paper. There are thousands of articles on health topics related to this class. For instance, if you choose heart disease, your paper will need to be about a connection between stress and heart disease. If you choose music, it will need to discuss the relationship between music and stress. Instructions for using the Weber State Library online catalogue to find excellent research articles related to the health topic: Put the following address into the address box of your browser http: On the next page, you will need to enter your student ID number.

This is NOT your social security number. This is the nine-digit number that is issued by Weber State to you. It usually starts with 88 and is found on your registration and scheduling materials. If you do not know what your student ID number is, you can call the Registrars office. On the following page, in the search box, enter the words or phrases that will bring up information on the topic you have chosen.

This will make sure that you are accessing only the journals that are acceptable for this assignment. The next page will have a list of search results. Each will have a short abstract describing the content of the full article. For the articles that you would like to look at further for your research, click on PDF Full Text near the bottom of the page.

However, if these tools do not work, you may need to turn to a professional to help with your problem. The last result for stress management intervention would be a prescribed medication to alleviate the problem, so the therapist or counselor will try different techniques before getting to that point. A series of sessions in which the doctor speaks to the client about the stress in his or her life will first take place.

As the patient works his or her way through these sessions, devices and tricks will be given for relieving stress. In some extreme cases, a medication will be needed and the counseling appointments may be an on-going tool needed for stress maintenance. Tricks or clever tools can be used as a stress intervention whether the person is self-taught or using a professional.

What works for one person to relieve stress may not necessarily work for another person. There will be a period of trail and error to find what works. It is important to evaluate the situation and determine if you can change it, if it is important to you, and if walking away from it is a possibility.

Learning to know what causes stress and why you get stressed is just as important as learning what works to relieve the stress in your life. If stress is happening too much in your life, you may want to visit a counselor or therapist, explore written materials on the subject, and implement simples tricks to bring your blood pressure down and put a smile on your face.

These tools can be just the interventions you need for a stress-free life. I would like to thank the editors and writers of this resource for helping students just like me with their homework assignments for free. We are a group of college enthusiasts spending days and nights drafting writing guides and manuals, tips and examples for college students.

We do not require any payment for our help as we understand that most college kids are on a tight budget. Our goal is to educate and put students on the right path of academic success. We survived the perils of academic journey and would like to share our stories and advice with you, our dear readers. If you would like to contribute to our cause, you are welcome to email us at join [at] poetsunion dot com. Good essay writing guide resource.

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Research Paper on Stress January 5, writer Research Papers 0 Stress is the normal reaction of human psychics on the negative environment and constant pressure of work and household chores.

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Free stress management papers, essays, and research papers.

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Composing A Research Paper On Stress Management Among Students. Research papers are an interesting piece of work for students who have a passion for the subject. Stress Management Research Paper The purpose of this assignment is to help students learn where to find good information on stress management. Stress Management is an immense field with many different sources of information.

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Professionally written essays on this topic: Research Paper on Stress Qualitative and Quantitative Research Studies. At the same time, it is also the case that Black women. Stress and Performance: Possible Relationship Framework Although much of the research on the relationship between stress and functioning focuses on the negative performance effects of stress. their performance. and this aspect of stress was the focus of this paper.1/5(1).