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The Red Badge of Courage Q&A

❶He sees the Union lines shifting, cannons being fired, and men surging forward and pushing backwards. While The Red Badge of Courage has as its setting the Civil War, Crane's focus is more upon the psychological states of combat and an individual soldier's emotional experiences in the midst of


Red Badge of Courage Study Questions
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Red Badge of Courage Chapter Summaries

Henry Fleming, a private in the Union army, returns to his tent and laments the deglorification of battle--hypothesizing that men have lost the war instinct and that all great battles are a thing of the past. Henry reflects on what drove him to enlist in the army, despite his mother's objections.

He relives his heroic journey from his home to Washington D. Since joining his regiment, Henry has experienced nothing but boredom. He secretly worries that he will run when the battle comes. Jim Conklin's rumor proves to be false. Henry still worries that he will run in battle. The regiment marches all day, but nothing comes of it.

The soldiers march through a dark forest and hear gunfire. They run forward, feverishly building and abandoning trenches each time they stop. Henry is convinced the regiment commanders are leading him to be slaughtered. Henry and his fellow soldiers accuse the commanders of being incompetent. Henry finds out war isn't all it's cracked up to be. He grew up reading of Homeric battles but only experiences boredom, confusion, and marching--kind of like when your teacher told you how great this novel was, so you got really excited and now you're convinced nothing is ever going to happen.

Henry's regiment stops in a grove. Veteran soldiers mock him and his fellow rookies. The enemy charges and Henry is still not sure if he'll run or fight.

Henry becomes part of the regimental machine. The fight ends and Henry notices the sunshine and blue skies. Henry feels he's overcome his fears Henry, no longer feeling part of the team, pictures the enemy as super human soldiers about to trample him.

He overhears generals celebrating their victory. He can't believe it. Henry resents the victory, accusing his fellow soldiers of being stupid and lucky. He throws a pine cone at a squirrel, watches it scurry, and philosophizes that the natural order of things is to run from danger. I've never been shot at, but I have been punched in the face several times. I marvel at boxers and MMA fighters who get punched in the face for a living. It goes against all natural instincts to move forward, knowing there's a likelihood that you will be punched in the face.

I'm guessing the feeling is magnified when guns are involved. You gotta love Henry's rationalization for running. He uses the "I'm smarter" than every one and "the squirrel ran up the tree so that proves I'm right" line of argument. It's like when you quit the school basketball team and they go on to win the state championship, but you insist they really missed you and that you're happier even though you listened to the state championship game in your bedroom corner in the fetal position whimpering while the rest of the school was in attendance.

Henry hears the battle and, ironically, runs towards it. He joins a column of wounded soldiers. A tattered soldier asks Henry where he's been wounded. Henry runs to the back of the line to avoid answering. Henry envies the injured soldiers and their "red badge of courage. Jim eventually runs off the road and dies. Henry and the tattered man marvel at Jim Conklin's strength.

The tattered man mistakes Henry for his friend back home and starts gibbering about his family. Henry runs back to the road and lets the tattered man die.

Henry sees an enthusiastic column of soldiers and wishes to join them. How do you earn a Red Badge of Courage? How would you descibe any of the other characters? What would you say the climax of the story is? What is Henry really afraid of? Why did Henry join the war? I really am reading the book, I just find it extremely confusing.

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The Red Badge of Courage Q&A

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The Red Badge of Courage Questions and Answers - Discover the community of teachers, mentors and students just like you that can answer any question you might have on The Red Badge of. Red In Stephen Crane’s novel “The Red Badge of Courage”, we examine the episodes of war through the eyes of the main character, Henry Fleming. Because the book is rather vague about many details, we don’t know how old Henry is, what he looks like, or where he comes from. We do know that.

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The Red Badge of Courage has been called a coming-of-age story, but does Henry Fleming really grow up by the end of the novel? Where are there so few women in the novel and are the few that are in it presented in a positive light? Step-by-step answers to all your high school and college homework FREE! So you'll be alright; you'll make it through another night. Chapter-By-Chapter: The Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane:: Homework Help and Answers:: Slader.