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❶It says that Jewish people should love God and keep his rules. Should you be considering simple editing or proofreading help or a researched sample paper — do not hesitate to consult us, we will do our best to provide progressively skillful assistance that includes free unlimited revisions from our team of spectacular freelancers.

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primary homework help judaism
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Passover Pesach in Hebrew is celebrated to commemorate the liberation of the Children of Israel who were led out of slavery in Egypt by Moses. It is a major eight day festival. A highlight is the Seder meal held in each family's home at the beginning of the festival, when the story of their deliverance is recounted as narrated in the Haggadah the Telling, the Story.

Matzah unleavened bread is eaten throughout the festival, as are other foods that contain no leaven. There is a great spring cleaning in the home before the festival to ensure that no trace of leaven is left in the home during Pesach.

Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish New Year festival and commemorates the creation of the world. This festival marks the Jewish New Year and begins with ten days of repentance and self examination, during which time God sits in judgement on every person. Over the two days of Rosh Hashanah, there are special services at the synagogue. A musical instrument, called a shofar, is blown. It makes a loud piercing sound like a trumpet and reminds Jews of God's great power.

People east slices of apple dipped in honey. This is a way of wishing each other a sweet and happy New Year. Yom Kippur, the most sacred and solemn day of the Jewish year, brings the Days of Repentance to a close. As well as fasting for 25 hours, Jews spend the day in prayer, asking for forgiveness and resolving to behave better in the future.

Sukkot commemorates the years that the Jews spent in the desert on their way to the Promised Land. Some lived in tents whilst others built huts out of leaves and branches. These huts were called sukkot. During the festival, some Jews build their own sukkah in the garden or at the synagogue. Jews eat their meals in the sukkah for the eight or nine days of the festival. There are rules to making the sukkah.

Each sukkah must have at least three walls. The roof of the sukkah must be made of material referred to as sekhakh , which means "covering. Sekhakh the roof covering should be sparse and left loose enough so that the stars can be seen.

There is a special Sukkot service in the synagogue. Everyone holds branches from three trees in their hands and a citron fruit in their right. They walk around the synagogue seven times, waving the branches. Hanukkah or Chanukah is the Jewish Festival of Lights.

It dates back to two centuries before the beginning of Christianity. It is an eight day holiday starting on the 25th night of the Jewish month of Kislev. Hanukka celebrates the miraculous victory over religious persecution in the Holy Land and also commemorates the re-dedication of the Second Temple in Jerusalem and the miracle of the burning oil. This is where the oil of the menorah the candelabrum in the temple miraculously burned for eight days, even though there was only enough oil for one day.

It is one of the four Jewish new years Rosh Hashanahs. You may not redistribute, sell or place the content of this page on any other website or blog without written permission from the author Mandy Barrow. Follow me on Twitter mbarrow. I teach computers at The Granville School and St. John's Primary School in Sevenoaks Kent. Calendar of Religious Festivals. Information on the Jewish Religion by Mandy Barrow.

There are large Jewish populations in Israel and the U. Index Where did Judaism originate from? What do Jews believe? Who is the founder of Judaism? What is a Menorah? Where do Jews worship? What are the spiritual leaders called? What is the Jewish Holy Book called? What is the Tanach? What is the most important day of the week for Jews?

What happens on the Shabbat in a Jewish family? What special things do Jews wear? What are bar mitzvah and a bat mitzvah?

What do Jews call marriage? What are the different types of Jews? What is Kosher food? What are the main Jewish festivals? Where did Judaism originate from? Judaism originated in Israel around years ago. Men and women usually sit separately in the Synagogues Men are required to cover their heads. In most cases worship takes place in Hebrew. When does the Sabbath start and end? Kippah a skull cap On their heads a devout Jew always wears the Kippah to remind him that he is always duty bound to follow the laws of God at all times and in all places.

Tallit a prayer shawl Before beginning to worship or pray the devout Jew will often put on a tallit. Tefilin small leather box with long leather straps attached The boxes are worn on the left forearm and on the forehead. Tefilin are worn when praying at home or in the synagogue. Ceremonies What is a bar mitzvah and a bat mitzvah?

Bar mitzvah is for boys and means Son of the Commandment. Bat mitzvah is for girls and means Daughter of the Commandment. What is different about a Jewish wedding compared to a Christian wedding? The couple are married under a huppah sometimes spelled chuppah , a canopy.

This is called the Ketubah.


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Judaism is the oldest of the world's four biggest monotheistic religions (religions with only one god). It's also the smallest, with only about 12 million followers around the world. Jewish history begins with the covenant established between God and Abraham around BC (over 3, years ago), during the Bronze Age, in the Middle East.

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The Largest main World Religions in order are: Christianity: billion; Islam: billion; Hinduism: million; Buddhism: million; Sikhism: 23 million; Judaism: 14 million ; The Five Oldest main World Religions in order are: Hinduism - The oldest religion, it may date to prehistoric times.

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