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My doctor assured me that I don't have to take it on weekends, so it's not like I'll be constantly medicated. This could probably work for you as well. Also, people who don't have ADD are affected by Adderall very differently than people who do. Adderall doesn't make me focus on one thing for several hours, it just gives me the ability to.

I can browse facebook for 5 minutes, be content, and then study. I have similar symptoms to you my only good grade on a neuroscience test came when I read each paragraph from the readings 10 times a piece, since I could only focus on what the words said around the 8th time, but that's the ugliest example.

Truthfully, normal me feels like my brain is playing an app in the background of whatever I'm doing. Adderall just allows me to focus on what I want. Obviously, we probably have varying symptoms I'm female and ADD is generally different between the sexes , but the ones you listed are similar so I think at the very least you should get tested. I was very nervous about telling mine as well; I thought they'd assume I was trying to con drugs.

They were actually really supportive and honestly my mom was pretty sure I'd had ADD for years, so she wasn't very surprised. I'm 20 now and I can't figure out if they're right or not. Sometimes symptoms don't become bothersome until the person is older; mine didn't become extremely problematic until college. Honestly, if you don't have it there's no harm in being tested again.

Do you have your health care card? I made the appointment myself, copayed etc. I'm sorry your parents aren't supportive. Thanks, I'll talk to them again and hopefully they eventually come around.

If I do this I don't want to make my parents enemies by going behind their back. Yet Joey's request did catch me off guard because I had known Joey and his family for a dozen years for problems other than attention deficit disorder ADD. He had always been an intense, persistent and socially-awkward boy, but now he wanted a medicine that could assist him in homework completion.

Joey's father had called me after an intense argument between them at home. Joey had pushed his father during the fight. His dad wanted to talk about Joey's one-day suspension from school. Joey had been verbally disrespectful to a teacher. Joey's grades had been borderline for all of his sophomore year. Now near the end of the term he was in danger of failing a class. Most of the session had been focused on his inconsistent school performance and increasing irritability. No one had mentioned medicine until Joey's question seemingly came out of the blue.

Many people remain unaware that the drugs called stimulants various iterations of amphetamine affect everyone the same. Low doses get people to stick with tasks they find boring or difficult. Impulsive hyperactive children often become more methodical and deliberate, which appears as "calming" them down. As the dose of amphetamine increases, hyperactive or distractible children will ultimately become more active, distractible and "tweaked," just like a methamphetamine abuser.

A "classic" study was published in Judith Rappoport, a child psychiatrist, now emeritus with the National Institute of Mental Health, wanted to prove once and for all that amphetamine "worked" on normal children too. Collecting a group of hyperactive children was relatively easy. Selecting a group of "normal" children was ethically dicey.

She and her colleagues decided to give 10 milligrams of Dexedrine to their own children and compared their performance to that of the hyperactive group in a series of simple but boring and repetitive math problems. What she found was that the stimulant improved the under-average performance of the hyperactive children to an average level, while the performance of the normal children increased to "supranormal" or above-average levels.

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Mods reserve the right to remove content or restrict users' posting privileges as necessary if it is deemed detrimental to the subreddit or to the experience of others. Comment replies consisting solely of images will be removed. Mod posts Serious posts Megathread Breaking news Unfilter. I'm thinking about taking Concerta EQ 27Mg to study for an upcoming exam.

I've never taken something like Concerta to help me study. What do I need to do in order to prepare myself? How long will it take to kick in? What are some 'pro' tips? I've had friends that do not have ADD, take it and didn't like it. I don't know because I have a dosage that has been worked out to be the best for me.

Honestly you shouldn't need to do anything to prepare yourself. It's quite the recreational drug. You'll get all energetic and focused

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"Can you give me some Adderall that will help me get my homework done?" Joey, a year-old high school sophomore asked me near the end of a meeting with his father and me. I was surprised by his request, but I shouldn't have been -- I've been prescribing drugs like Ritalin, Adderall and Concerta to children for more than 30 years.

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